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EVEN More Stupid Shit From... Yeah, You Guessed It.

Summer's here. And so now, this kinda shit's everywhere.

Apparently all my personal struggle and strife that led me to realize that no matter what I do I'm fat and I'll look fat in a swimsuit and that's perfectly fine, because being fat doesn't make me less human coulda been bypassed had I just, at some time or other, been able to hork up the two hundred bucks or more it takes to purchase a well-engineered piece of lycra to cover my woman-bits just so.

A call to all socially-conscious fat women: DON'T spend 200 dollars on a bathing suit! Go to Kmart, get a suit, then spend the rest on something better. Please.

And watch this. It's good to balance out the Advertising Industrial Complex PTSD-jitters.