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yes. alive. promise.

I know it has been months since I have posted. I have been getting the "are you ever gonna post/come back/write anything you lazy bum" message from a few people.

Yes, I am coming back. But probly not to here. I have overpoliticized, and it's been paralysis and an excuse NOT to post- you know. The whole, "I don't have anything pertinent to say" or "I'm behind on the current political situation" or whatever (fill in blank) scenario has served as a "reason" not to write anything.

The plain truth is that I work a job that completely zaps my creative energy, and I have been dealing with other issues as well that do the same.

Writer's block. Ug. Makes me wanna throw shit.

Anyhoo, I WILL be back, and soon, but with a twist and in a yet undisclosed location. I will update here, tho, as soon as that is set up.

Thank y'all for lookin' out.