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Hey everybody, I know it's a ghost town up in here b/c it's been over six months since I even updated. I did want to let those of y'all who still check know that I have begun a new blog- with a new focus (though still rabidly and militantly feminist) and here's the link:


It's better, it's at Word press, and I think I'm gonna try and find ways to link or import some of the better stuff from this blog to that one over there.

Hope y'all will update your links and your bookmarks, and all that stuff. I've missed everyone!!!


yes. alive. promise.

I know it has been months since I have posted. I have been getting the "are you ever gonna post/come back/write anything you lazy bum" message from a few people.

Yes, I am coming back. But probly not to here. I have overpoliticized, and it's been paralysis and an excuse NOT to post- you know. The whole, "I don't have anything pertinent to say" or "I'm behind on the current political situation" or whatever (fill in blank) scenario has served as a "reason" not to write anything.

The plain truth is that I work a job that completely zaps my creative energy, and I have been dealing with other issues as well that do the same.

Writer's block. Ug. Makes me wanna throw shit.

Anyhoo, I WILL be back, and soon, but with a twist and in a yet undisclosed location. I will update here, tho, as soon as that is set up.

Thank y'all for lookin' out.