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Just Sayin' Howdy

So I been busy.

*boo, hiss, she always says that!!!*

Ok, ok. I been dating someone fabulous. OK? And working. And attempting to build a social life.

Writing isn't really that conducive to having a social life.

The main reason I'm here right now is 'cause I've notices that Biting Beaver has gone invitation only, and I'm wondering if I could get an invite. BB? You out there? I meeeeeees you.

Oh yeah. I'm gay. Ain't going back, at least as far as having meaningful relationships. Life seems a little bit less heavy now that that's out there on the table. Already talked to the mom and everything. The girl I'm with is fabulous, as I already mentioned, and I hope that it sticks. Looks like it's gonna. We're moving in together. But I know that I don't want to invest THAT particular kind of energy in men anymore. I tried 'em, and I gave 'em back. Too bad I can't get a refund.

What else? I've missed everyone. Wonder if folks still come around and look at this page. If so, gimme a holler.

I'm gonna go eat a chicken leg now.