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Another Concrete Illustration of the Fucked-upedness of Electoral Politics

The Democrats are schmarmy liberal rich bastards who've managed to whitewash and water-down the labor and social justice mass-movements and who've brought us blatantly imperialistic policy (see NAFTA, etc.). But they're not as bad as the Republicans. At least the damn Dems give lip service to social movements, right?

I'm gonna be absolutely honest. I'm currently not able to register to vote in FL (gasp!) and to tell the truth I'm disillusioned enough with the system to not really feel that bad. I understand, barely, the need to foster a democratic majority in congress, blah blah blah.

But this chunk of fascist horseshit from voteourvalues.com is almost enough to motivate me to fill out an absentee ballot, or whateveritisI'msupposed to do as a future Floridian living in a motel who's technically supposedly registered to vote in TN- just to go and vote a straight Dem. ticket, just to make some bastard nazi Republican feel a little bit worse for losing an election. I don't get it. I honestly don't. Go there, the few of you who haven't seen this on the
Primary Contradiction or Feral Scholar already, listen, discuss. You have to click on the link that says "listen to the ads" to hear the hooey. Goddam.

So it's either the Republinazis or the Other White Party. I oftentimes think that our resources would be better spent stockpiling weapons and buying up land in Alaska. But hey, that's just wacky, 'ol me.

Double Fuck You Beta Blogger

I don't know what the hell happened just now. I'm in tears, I worked very hard to get my shit to look how I wanted it to look and it disappeared and now my men's auxiliary's gone, I'm gonna have to do it over again, and I'm gonna have to do the other links too.

I don't have time for this shit! I changed my blog 'cause I thought it would be easier (going from old-school to beta) and now I lost all my shit that I worked on.

And then I have to think about the implications of not working on actual content and instead working on how my blog looks, which is what I do to avoid actual writing, which I've been having a real hard time with lately, I've been having a hard time with a lot of weird shit lately, and this is just making me very explosively angry!!!!

Why in the fuck can't I just get my shit together??? This thing looks like shit. I had to pick a generic template from the COMPLETELY SUCKY AND STUPID ONES that goddam beta-blogger offers, and it took me HOURS to do the other one. I saved my shit in notepad, can anybody please tell me what I could have done to make the whole thing go blank? I tried copy/pasting it in again and it just gives me nothing.

I swear to god. I try and have one little outlet and if I use the shit I actually worked on I have nothing and if I use this I hate it and it's not complete and it will take me fucking hours to fix it that I don't have to spare and I just don't know about this. I just don't know.

I bought a goddam computer and spent tons of money so that I could do this. OK. That calmed me down some.

Goddam, it's been a long week. Next time I'll post about something important, I swear. I just don't have a lot of folks to talk to and I wanted to SCREAM AT SOMEBODY!!!!!!!!!

What the Fuck Just Happened?????

I tried to tweak my blog just oh such a little bit (just by adding a quote to the sidebar) and then my whole damn blog disappeared. Please somebody, tell me my blog is still here before I get ill and hurt someone.

I'm on the verge of tears, here.


More Fucked-Up Shit from the Patriarchy

So yeah. I been working and lazy about blogging, as per my usual. But there's been some shit that I've run across on ye olde blogosphere that has ruffled my feathers.

As y'all might know I frequent the pages of the Feral Scholar (my friend Stan Goff) and get into some shit-flinging, drag out arguments there about the Patriarchy. Y'all should go and have a look-see at the conversation that was spurred when Stan posted Yolanda's thoughts about a case in which an abused woman lashed out, unfortunately by hitting her abusive asshole boyfriend with her own child. Yolanda's intention was to highlight the underlying system, but as not all radicals are all that radical, the meaning of the post was lost on some. Surprise.

I found out about this one over on my pal's fantastical and wonderful blog, the Primary Contradiction.

Then there's this striking, disturbing, but alltogether understandable article by Julie Bindel, published in the Guardian (I also saw it on PC and Feral Scholar) that delves into the reasons that women don't necessarily leap to report rape to the authorities, and deals with the whopping bullshit urban-myth/lie that men believe, all to easily- the one that posits that there are women, everywhere, making up "rape stories" like mad to enact vengance and ruin men's innocent lives.

Yeah. I dunno how many times I heard that shit from my guy friends. Anyways.

I have to go now but will probably be back tonight, as my departure now is owed to bloggus-interruptus (a.k.a. WORK.) Go look, then chew, then discuss. Make some coffee. Big implications. Y'all know the drill.


Too Bourgeois

I'm talking on my fancy-assed cell phone and typing on my new (yup) laptop, all with a tummy full of sushi. I'm feeling a bit too bourgeois for my own Levis at the moment.

But at least I'm back, right?

Soon to be with pictures. I hope. If my technological windfall doesn't blow me away.

Oh yeah. And fuck Phil Bredesen. I just heard that he wants to make health insurance more expensive for fat people in TN. So he's a fucked-up dipshit bastard. Like we didn't know that already. I hope he gets fat before he dies.

Anyways, I'm off to zip up this new machine. It's good to be back.


Howdy Y'all from TN

SO this week I got to come to TN to pick up my truck (photo in post below of a truck that's pretty much like the one that I have...) and I been spending time with my friends and such and haven't been near the internet in eons.

I've cut my hair in the past few weeks, and have decided that FL it is. Looks like I'll be there for quite a little while.

I leave tomorrow morning for FL. It should be a neat road-trip. And now I am equipped w/camera-phone, so I can chronicle in pictures, as it were. Just gotta figure out how to get the pics from the phone to... a computer out there, somewhere.

But I did want to stop in and say, hey y'all, I'm alive and well, still fighting the patriarchy and working. Well, not this weekend. But generally any other time I'm working. I'll be up and running again soon, I'm sure of it. I can smell it on the wind.

>>send me a laptop>>


A Guilt Trip

For folks who never, ever leave comments.

If you don't leave comments on my space you are not supporting a struggling feminist, and will be held accountable come the revolution.

Just a reminder in the 2.2 seconds I have to post a blog today. Send me a laptop.