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Blogger- UGH!

Ok, I think things LOOK a little better for the new year.

Bless yer heart, V, for doing all that work. I still want to use the thing you made- but the thing is when I tried to paste it in, blogger said it wouldn't work!

Blogger is stupid.

I must now go and buy a camisole for a party, then I will be back either this evening or in the morning to post my resolutions. *shudders*


v said...


i think it might be because you're still on blogger beta?

i'll email you

am i a bodyfascist? said...

erm, this is off topic, just had seen your comment


and if you're still looking for info on Abir Hamzah probly here's a good start


Nelson H. said...

Yo 'Laina. Spamming comments. Sign on, yo!

In the coming weeks I'm challenging myself to take on questions of white supremacy and white privilege as a central focus in all forthcoming posts. I extend this challenge to others in our corner of the blogosphere. I remember Villa Villekula's call for bloggers to make "classim" the topic en vogue this past Labor Day; and in this vein I propose a very specific form of the aforementioned challenge.

Let's take the MLK holiday as an opportunity to blog against white supremacy.

A broad topic indeed, but one that is so foundational to any other conversation we might have, whether we are talking about patriarchy, capitalism and class structure, popular culture. Plus many, many folks already do this daily. But the idea is a more coordinated effort to flex out collective muscles. If others agree with this idea, spread the call far and wide. Everyone has a solid 6 days to get a story worked out. At the very least transcribe a good theory piece and put together a decent intro. Get friends who don't blog involved. I'm always amazed at the shear number of folks on MySpace - get friends to post something there in the blog section or even as a bulletin. It doesn't matter, just lean on them to do it.