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I Quit!

My job, that is. Last night was my last night as a residential, direct-care support provider.
I'm so sad, in so many ways. Excited in others. La vida. Ay.

I now have to divvy up the shit that's in my bedroom, move my music stuff, clean out my vehicles, pack, go through my clothes and figure out what I'm gonna keep and what I'm gonna give away, and sort out my books.

My books. My god, my books. I think I'm gonna just sell most of them. I'm keeping my political stuff and my Spanish stuff. But I want all my books to fit into one box by the time I'm done.

And I been sick. The air quality around the TN valley has been more suck-ass than usual, of late. The other day I noticed that my local news does a daily index; I didn't know that. At any rate, the gist was "if you have asthma stay inside today." Needless to say, I didn't, and it's been hell on my lungs.

The heat in East TN is an especially opressive heat. It came on strong and sudden this year, like a big, sweaty palm planted squarely on the face of the state. The lush foliage, the bowl-like topography, the waterways all play in a harmonious humidity chorus. Which sounds all picturesque and southern, but feels all slimy and sweaty in the dead of summer.

At any rate, I felt compelled to stop in and point the blog-folk in the direction of The Primary Contradiction, a bright new feminist blog by a friend of mine that's already rockin'.

I think I might rest a bit, then maybe sleep a couple hours before I tear up my TN hole. Anybody know where I can score a cheap lap-top? Argh... it might be a while before I can post again....


spotted elephant said...

You've got me pondering, which sucks more: moving or heat? Heat or moving? Hmmmm. Maybe equal suckage.

I wish you the best with your move. Last year I moved from OH to WA, and got rid of most of my books. I almost cried, but I'm actually happy now-it feels free to not have too much stuff.

Hope you feel better.

antiprincess said...

best of luck.

I look forward to reading you again when you're able to post.