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In the Land of the Motherfucking Mouse

Howdy. Reporting in, briefly, from Orlando. *crosses fingers, hopes blog will post on this
decrepit machinery*

I been in Orlando three days, and my internship started officially on Saturday. Needless to say, this town kinda looks like Walt Disney took a technicolor dump on everything. But they haven't issued my my red-star mouse-ears yet. I keep askin', and the union folks keep lookin' at me all funny.

Baltimore was pretty awesome. I met some of the coolest people up there at my orientation (which was actually only 5 days, and now I'm already in Orlandolandia. Anyways) and I kinda wish we coulda all just went to the same place and started a fucking revolutionary army. Just kidding. (not really)

We have the first tropical storm of the year, Alberto's his name, I believe, and it's rain rain rain rain rain rain rain. Yesterday I drove around in the rain and found the Florida Mall, and spent some money on fucking presentable clothing. Lemme tell ya, walking around at the mall is NOT my idea of a fun day. But I did find that the JC Penny's there has a plus-size section that is as big or bigger than the Torrid or the Lane Bryant in the same mall. Sweeeet. Today I left my hotel in the rain and followed my boss to the Waffle House in the rain and then we had some eggs and looked at the rain and we drove to the office, in the rain.

Funny thing, just something I wanna chime in on. You know what I hate? I hate it when white people don't bother to figure out how folks say words that we commonly coopt into English with some sort of a semblance of at LEAST trying to figure out how to pronounce them. Then you tell them that they're pronouncing the shit wrong and they're like "oh really? Thanks for the heads-up." And they proceed to ignore your suggestion.

It's "La Quinta" not "La Kwinta." OKAY??????? It's not like I'm asking you to say Xochimilco or Tlaxcala or fucking Huitzilopochtli with a fucking exact dialectical rendering. Gah!

Sorry. Just an aside-rant.

Or maybe I'm wrong. But I don't think I am.

Anyhoo, just wanted to update y'all on the new job and all that shit, and give y'all a head's up on my status in the place where Mickey Mouse goes to shit and take a smoke break. Everythang's cool. I'll hopefully be back online regular-like in just a few days.

Much love to all those who read my shit. I miss y'all.


spotted elephant said...

Glad you made it safely. I'm still laughing about Mickey Mouse taking a shit.

Y. Carrington said...

Hey...where are you? I haven't heard a thing from you lately. Please, at least stop by and see me!

Much love, Yolanda