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I'm Still Alive, I Swear

Hey everybody.

I've been working on a kinda blitz/campaign and have been working something like 80 hrs. a week, much of it is in front of a computer entering data, the other much of it blazing through and around-about the great city of Orlando, knocking on people's doors and trying to get them excited about joining up with the Mighty, Mighty Union.

It's working and the campaign is picking up speed and steam, and so I am a slave to the union.

They did bump me up from Intern to Apprentice, which means basically that I am still a slave to the union, but a slave with bigger responsibilities. But I'm enjoying the work.

So that's why I haven't posted in FOREVER. I miss my blogosphere buddies.

I should have a wireless card in a week, so I can get back to the blogogrind. I've gotten emails/comments from folks who seem a tad concerned and curious as to my cyber-whereabouts, and so I thought I'd update/touch base and let everybody know that I didn't get abducted by the Pinche Rata that owns this place, or any of his cartoon pals.

Love y'all!

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witchy-woo said...

Hey, good to 'see' you. Sounds like things are going pretty well... I'm glad.

I'm also looking forward to more posts here ;)