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Fuck you, stupid Blogger.

"Why the hostility?" you might be asking.

I just attempted to post something, then I got this fucked-up message saying that it could not post, due to faulty tagging, then it said it had INDEED posted, twice, and then I tried to delete one of the posts and it said that the other post that I didn't delete was "not found." I didn't even tag ANYTHING. Fucking Blogger's supposed to do that shit for you.

So FUCK YOU, stupid Blogger. Sometimes I hate you more than I hate eating shit.

Not that I've ever eaten shit, or eat it as a rule. I just imagine I would hate it intensely.

I hope this post posts. Or whatever.


Phemisaurus Terribilis said...

Wordpress, I tell you. Wordpress. Defect, I tell you. Defect.

Y. Carrington said...

Hey...so you are back. Wonderful.

I could tell you much about my issues with Blogger, but what can you do. :-)

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