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Youtube Stuff. Yup. I'm an addict.

So I decided to throw some vids up here. The one above is El Cantante de los Cantantes, Hector Lavoe, from Ponce, Puerto Rico. He's become one of my favorite singers EVER. I like this video in particular 'cause it starts out with him singing this song, made famous in Plena form by a guy named Ismael Rivera (A.K.A. Maelo), called "Elena, Elena", which is basically my name. And so. I'm obsessed with it, obviously- and besides that, many of my new Boricua friends sing it when they see me. SO.

The above is a video of Celia Cruz doing a live performance of "La Vida es un Carnaval," one of my favorite songs by yet another of my favorite singers. Never did agree with her politics, or her Fidel-bashery, yet... I mean, shit. She's over 75 in this performance.

So. I been sad this evening, and now must go to bed.

Is it a bad sign when you look forward to laying down in bed to cry yourself to sleep? Probably. Oh well. One more video, another Hector Lavoe (I'm in love with this guy.)

Both the artists here were part of the Fania Allstars. Both are now dead.

That's all for tonight. Sleep well.


Jimmy Higgins said...

What a coinky-dink. Just yesterday I got a call from a friend in the NYC public school system asking me "Who was Hector Lavoe?" She had just seen a student wearing a T-shirt which read "¿Quién Mató a Hector Lavoe?" and assumed quite reasonably that he might have been either an assassinated Puerto Rican nationalist leader (think Filiberto Ojeda Ríos) or another victim of trigger-happy NY cops (think Sean Bell and 50 bullets).

I explained who Lavoe was, recalling him well from the glory days of the early '70s when he sang with Willie Colon's orchestra.

A quick google showed that the tee probably came from a play of that title which did serious business in NYC a few years back. There's also a biopic already in the can, slated for 2007 release and starring Marc Antony as Hector with JLo in there somplace too.

spotted elephant said...

I hope you are ok. Crying yourself to sleep is usually a bad thing. :(

I hope today is better and brighter.