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OK. So I THOUGHT it would look cool.

Fucking idiotic and stupid and piece-of-shit blogger. Goddammit. Why the fuck is it that while I was previewing this new blog template, BLOGGER and it's idiot fucking self let me think that all of the shit here would fit????

So my next question is this: how the fuck do I get this to look how it's supposed to look, like a three-column thing???????? Somebody tell me before I kill someone. Please.

After I spent oodles of time doing this shit. GAH! Makes me want to throw my laptop out the window.

*Throws chair out the window instead*


pippi said...

I've also noticed that the blogger preview is different from what it will actually look like. Hope you find someone to help, but I'm sure you'll figure it out yourself in the end.

Y. Carrington said...

Whoa!!! Actually, it looks kinda cool, if the text wasn't so blindingly florescent. If you can get the text and background in harmony, I think it'll be alright.

I wish I knew how to change my blog's design. I'm sick of that pre-fab lime green.

v said...

it looks better in firefox, but i've found most blogs do.

anyway, i'm seeing three columns here in both of those, but that may be my monitor/resolution.

there is quite a big margin between the main text and the right hand column, but i don't know exactly how to fix it. just have a play with your margins for the right hand column and keep previewing until it looks exactly as you like it :/

i like the new look and the green links btw, but the bright red text on the links and the title hurts my eyes.

y.c. - go here http://wannabegirl.org/firdamatic/ to set up your own personalised basic template, that you can then mess around with at will.

Modern Pitung said...

I see that some of your issues seem to be worked out with the CSS / box size problems. It's given me fits as well, esp. the floating right sidebar.

I've been reading up on things, and it looks like the next edition of Blogger software just might work this all out. Might. Who knows really.

Just a small issue with the redesign (compared with the hell of fiddling around with column sizes): the bright red-on-dark gray makes the links difficult to read. It's likely that the color scheme Here is a link to a handy color scheme generator (that spits out the color codes automagically).


TNTrash said...

Actually I picked out all the colors myself. The grey/red looks ok from where I am, but that might just be my 'puter. Or my wack-ass sense of aesthetics. Who knows? I should just change the red to white, shouldn't I. God damn. What the fuck's the code for white? I can never remember this shit and I have to do it all punk-ass and just kinda fumble around. I got the basic code from a generator, but then fucked with everything and tweaked with everything until I got what I thought was something that looked cool. Jeebus.

Anyways. Thanks y'all for the suggestions. I have to fold laundry now.

TNTrash said...

and for some reason it's 3-columns sometimes, but when I go to the actual main page it's all fucked up all over the place. God dammit.

witchy-woo said...

I see three columns too - and on the main page as well.

Thought I'd stumbled into the wrong place at first but, hey, a change is as good as a rest, huh...

I've picked up some links from your comments though and may well have a fiddle about with mine as a result (that pink got on my nerves from day 2 - so not 'me').

Stop chucking your belongings out the window now or you'll have nothing left ;)