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So I got tagged by Witchy-Woo, like, forever ago. I guess I better do what I'm s'posed to.

Also, apologies for not yet posting the *growing* thing that I'm working on- it's pretty big and I just ain't yet edited/finished it to my own satisfaction yet. Fuck. This is what I get for putting a date on things. I'll usually say "I'll have this done on x date" and then it gets done on that day or weekend.... a month later. *coughs*

So anyways, back to the tag thing. I'm gonna just say that this task is particularly daunting for me as I have memory gaps and all that shit, and it's hard for me to think of one book with one effect without thinking of it in cahoots with another work or book or whatever. But here goes.

One book that changed your life?

Jumping Jesus on a pogo-stick. I dunno. I can say that when I read "Our Bodies Our Selves" (the Boston Women's Health Collective) when I was ten, that's when I decided I was a feminist. Does that count? Next question.

One book you've read more than once?

When I was in second grade I read all those awful V.C. Andrews "Flowers in the Attic" books about fifty times each, mainly 'cause they were full of dirty stuff and I wasn't s'posed to read them. Had to steal them from my mom. Nowadays I generally read a book full-stop just once, and refer back to passages if need be.

One book you'd want on a desert island?
I don't know as I'd want a book so much as materials to write with. Maybe I'll take Yawning Lion's idea, "How to Survive on a Desert Island." If I get to take a pencil I'll write in the margins, I guess. Or better yet, how about "How to Fashion Writing Materials Whilst Stranded on a Desert Island". I think I'm creeping into the "books that should be written category" now, so I'll move on.

One book that made you laugh?
"Invisible Monsters" by Chuck Palahniuk. He's the guy that wrote "Fight Club." Modern-day working class tremendism. Gotta love it. (With the proper feminist analysis, of course.)

One book that made you cry?
Just ONE? God Dammit. Aside from everything I've ever read by Andrea Dworkin or Stan Goff, and all the other shit I've read that's made me cry, I'm gonna say "A Tale of Two Cities." 'Cause I'm just fuckin' maudlin like that.

One book you wish had been written?
When I think of it, I'll write it.

One book you wish had never been written?
Since the consensus on this one seems to be "The Bible," I'm gonna stray from the fold here. The Bible's just an over-bloated law and songbook for religious wierdos. It's got cool stuff and it's got horrendous stuff in it. But I think that my strange love of southern gospel music kinda DQ's me from saying that I wish the damn thing hadn't been written.

So I'm just gonna say "Silas Marner," by George Eliot. GOD that book sucks ass.

One book you're currently reading?
I just finished "Fight Club" (Palahniuk) yesterday morning, and I'm about to jump back into "The Sexual Contract" by Carole Pateman. Also about to start Isabel Allende's "Amor y Sombra."

One book you've been meaning to read?
Female Chauvinist Pigs, by Levy. Also been meaning to dig into "One Hundred Years of Solitude" for a while but I'm kinda put off by Gabriel Garcia Marquez after that stupid "Memoria de mis putas tristes" book.

One book you wish YOU had WRITTEN? (This is my own addition, 'cause I'm a big 'ol smart-ass)
The Redneck Manifesto, originally written by Jim Goad. The guy's a dipshit. If I had written that book, it woulda been so much better, not misogynist, and actually keyed towards a liberatory, non-racist goal. This guy's just a whiny white guy who likes to take pictures of himself "beating up women." But he took, like the best book title in the WORLD. Fucker.

You're it: Yolanda, Tom. I can only think of 2. So do I die in a horrible car wreck if I don't tag 5? If I think of 3 more later, I'll let y'all know.


alyx said...

When I think of it, I'll write it.

"Jumping Jesus On A Pogo Stick" would make an excellent title. :-P

TNTrash said...


But the thing is I totally stole it from a Dead Milkmen song.

"Jumping Jesus on a pogo stick! Why the hell you think they call it a burrow owl anyway?" -From "Stewart"; it's one of my favorite songs ever.

Anonymous said...

You are an ugley bitch-slut that wishes you had a dick. Well you never will. Fuck you cunt!!!!

TNTrash said...

I had to take off the "fat giant man" post 'cause fat jokes are stupid.

In my head, and I know that this will alienate/offend/whatever somebody out there, but in my head the "archetypical" patriasshole looks like a frat-daddy; one of the beefy ones with the stupid hair that they've been too lazy to cut or groom that swoops up in a curl over the brim of their ball-cap and spends wed. night between Hooters on the Strip and Keggers in the Fort.

It's a very localized, personalized archetype. But anyways.

*looks up*

I'm leaving that one 'cause it's so stupidly spelled it makes me laugh a little.

Yawning Lion said...

Can I write the Yankee companion book to your Redneck book? They're a special breed up here!