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Spread the Meme- Blog Against Classism

I been hangin' out a bit over at Ville Villekula and Pippi's put a good idear out there- for us all to blog against classism on September 4. I shall, and we all should, and while that blog is women's space only, mine is not- I mean, I DO have a Men's Auxiliary- so I'd really appreciate it if all y'all who look here and are linked would at least post a blip or something that relates, in order to spread the meme about like chipotle mayo.

The Men on my Men's Auxiliary "list" get lots of readership. They should help out here, too. Dammit. And I think it'd be mighty appropriate if y'all biomales would take extra-special time to blog about the intermesh of class and women's oppression. Thanks.


Modern Pitung said...

This soudns wonderful. I'll definitely repost this to my blog.

Nelson H. said...

yeah, i'll actually post something that day (*sarcastic* "yay!").

TNTrash said...

Ya better, Nelson. Cause you know your conscience will eat your brains if you don't.

Love ya!