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Howdy Y'all from TN

SO this week I got to come to TN to pick up my truck (photo in post below of a truck that's pretty much like the one that I have...) and I been spending time with my friends and such and haven't been near the internet in eons.

I've cut my hair in the past few weeks, and have decided that FL it is. Looks like I'll be there for quite a little while.

I leave tomorrow morning for FL. It should be a neat road-trip. And now I am equipped w/camera-phone, so I can chronicle in pictures, as it were. Just gotta figure out how to get the pics from the phone to... a computer out there, somewhere.

But I did want to stop in and say, hey y'all, I'm alive and well, still fighting the patriarchy and working. Well, not this weekend. But generally any other time I'm working. I'll be up and running again soon, I'm sure of it. I can smell it on the wind.

>>send me a laptop>>

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witchy-woo said...

...haven't been near the internet in eons.

You have soooooo much catching up to do!