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Double Fuck You Beta Blogger

I don't know what the hell happened just now. I'm in tears, I worked very hard to get my shit to look how I wanted it to look and it disappeared and now my men's auxiliary's gone, I'm gonna have to do it over again, and I'm gonna have to do the other links too.

I don't have time for this shit! I changed my blog 'cause I thought it would be easier (going from old-school to beta) and now I lost all my shit that I worked on.

And then I have to think about the implications of not working on actual content and instead working on how my blog looks, which is what I do to avoid actual writing, which I've been having a real hard time with lately, I've been having a hard time with a lot of weird shit lately, and this is just making me very explosively angry!!!!

Why in the fuck can't I just get my shit together??? This thing looks like shit. I had to pick a generic template from the COMPLETELY SUCKY AND STUPID ONES that goddam beta-blogger offers, and it took me HOURS to do the other one. I saved my shit in notepad, can anybody please tell me what I could have done to make the whole thing go blank? I tried copy/pasting it in again and it just gives me nothing.

I swear to god. I try and have one little outlet and if I use the shit I actually worked on I have nothing and if I use this I hate it and it's not complete and it will take me fucking hours to fix it that I don't have to spare and I just don't know about this. I just don't know.

I bought a goddam computer and spent tons of money so that I could do this. OK. That calmed me down some.

Goddam, it's been a long week. Next time I'll post about something important, I swear. I just don't have a lot of folks to talk to and I wanted to SCREAM AT SOMEBODY!!!!!!!!!


Y. Carrington said...

Damn. Why did you switch from the last layout? Didn't you design that yourself?

witchy-woo said...


Wish I could help but I know not how :(

All I know is Wordpress is very friendly. I hope you get this sorted soon.

spotted elephant said...

I'm sorry I don't have any technical advice to offer. But consider your scream heard and amplified. I'm sorry that this happened.

TNTrash said...

I don't know what the hell happened. I was adding just a little tidbit to the left sidebar, and then voosh. The whole thing vanished. I had to pick another template, which I just kinda randomly guessed at and did and this is what was salvaged.

Which means, I'm guessing, that I'm gonna have to make a whole new thing. Which SUCKS, 'cause last time it took me a couple days to get the thing together. *throws chair across the room*

I'm so mad I could just poop in the sink.

Jon said...

When I first got interested in this blogging stuff, I was admiring a friend's handsomely designed blog. I asked him how he was able to get his blog to look so nice. He explained to me that it was a "character building experience."

v said...

i would be happy to help you sort your template out if you like. Im not brilliant, but i could sort out the tiome consuming stuff, eg the template with the colours and columns that you want, and put in all your sidebar content and links that you want as well.

email me if you want to take me up on the offer. i couldnt help with the laptop but i can help with this. :)

all the best.