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Duke Rape Case Post #1

About a month ago, a Black Woman was brutally raped by 3 white men from the Duke Lacrosse team (Durham, NC).

The case has drawn national media attention. This in itself is news- most rapes go unreported, and even the reported ones don't get any media attention, usually. Especially when the person who's been raped is not white, especially when the person who is raped is employed by the sex industry, as is the case with the Black Woman who was raped in Durham.

Every time I've read about this in the news, the modifier "alleged" is placed before the noun "victim;" the adverb "allegedly" is consistently used to modify the verbs "raped", "attacked," etc. The reason for this language-play is to keep the idea in the heads of the general public that this Black Woman, whose name I do not know, and who I do not want to call "victim," might very well be making the whole thing up.

Well. Apparently one of her attackers, Collin Finnerty, "allegedly" participated in a group gay-bash in DC with two cohorts. Allegedly, this dipstick hurled "homophobic remarks" at the "victim" before and while he beat the shit out of him for being homosexual. Sounds like a familiar M. O., for those of us who have read about the rape case at Duke. Allegedly, this "supposed" assailant went to a diversity class and will just have to do some community service for his participation in the assault.

It's a sad fucking social commentary, to say the least.

Two arrests were made today, that of Finnerty and also an asshole by the name of Reade Segilmann. They've both either posted bond or will be doing that today. Nice.

I have to go to work right this minute. I'll be posting more on this tonight. My head's a-reel.

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