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White Male Vermin- (Duke Rape Post #2)

What I'm gonna say next shouldn't be too much of a surprise to anybody.

Fuck Michael Savage, and fuck his ilk. That's who I'm referencing with the title, here.

I recently read some stuff from a transcript of one of his broadcasts. A very nice person posted it in the comments section of Stan Goff's blog. This motherfucker (Savage) seems to think that women and people who aren't white simply aren't human. He seems mighty testy about growing community solidarity around the rape at Duke university, and awfully antsy about the possibility of women coming together, especially on college campuses to do something definitive to bring about a drop in the occurrence of rape.

Why do men get so angry when we start talking about VERY HARSH rules against rape in a general sense? Why is it that all of a sudden, when this shit happens and we're forced out of isolation from and insulation around the "ugly" topic, why is it that men get so bloody goddamned defensive?

It's starting to sound to me like y'all (men) are scrambling to preserve your rape culture. Your access to OUR bodies is a privilege that maybe you took for granted, and when people start talking about taking it away, well, y'all get all weirded-out and start stamping your big 'ol feet and demanding "due process" for your rape-culture bretheren. Generally, your access is something that we don't talk about out loud; it's usually implied. You don't want us to take away your "right" to rape us. And the burn's gonna be especially bad on your fragile egos if we somehow manage to do it without any damn help from y'all.

I know that exceptions to the rule exist among you. I'm not saying that every man out there is gung-ho for rape, at least not superficially, and hopefully, I hope to hell not consciously. But think about that little nugget the next time you leap to the defense of an "alleged" rapist.

Here are some facts: The white men who raped the Black Woman at Duke University had enough money to go their bail, which was substantial. That speaks to the high degree of privilege they're privvy to. If they're put away, they won't get 25-life, they won't be executed, they won't be tortured. They'll be supported and fed by the state for however long their sentence is, and they'll have to dive into prison culture. That ain't no fucking picnic, but then again, when we think of the Black Woman who actually got raped, well, I have to say it looks more like a picnic to me than the scenario she's in now, and that she's gonna be in probably for the rest of her life.

These boys don't have right-wing-nazi-shock-jocks pleading with the rest of fundamentalist white america to refer to them as "vermin." Who's the fucking vermin, the woman who does what she has to do to, no matter how degrading or unpleasant, take care of her kids or a bunch of beer-swilling, woman-attacking, queer-bashing, racist, rich, white perverts, who'll end up leeching off the state if they're in jail? Which human critter more closely resembles the "vermin" of the fucking animal world?

I know, I know. This talk of humans as vermin is a very clear explosive emergence of the "white man" in me. I realize this. This situation, the ways that fucking white male supremacy touch the lives of women everywhere, of my friends and my family, the more ugly seems to want to come out of me. I'll try and keep that part held in, as much as I can. I'll call the above my humble attempt to point out a logical fallacy, wave my magical first-amendment wand to protect my "right" to "free" speech, and leave it at that.
*Invokes the northern wind of truth, cast protection spell, tosses 20-sided di, puts on magical patriarchal-healer cloak*

You're damn right, white men need to be shaking "on the golf course," Mr. Swasti-Savage. If more and more women start making the connection between your fucking defensive, vitriolic spew and sputter and your UNWILLINGNESS TO GIVE UP RAPE AS A MALE PRIVILEGE, then you ALL just better fucking watch out. 'Cause you're outnumbered.

And don't go getting pissed at me for pointing all this shit out. Y'all comply with the bed-making, don't bitch if it's fucking bumpy unless you've been active in removing the lumps.

I have to go and try to sleep with this shit on my fucking mind. I CAN be raped, by Y'ALL. Tell me why the fuck I shouldn't be more hostile than I am.


Anonymous said...

You seem to be full of hatred against males and whites, generally, and white males specifically. Perhaps you need some counseling.

TNTrash said...


Perhaps you need a spine. Leave your name/website, if you want to say this kinda shit.