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Trash Talks- Again

Long ago, in a land far, far away, I had a blog of my very own on this site. I was negligent and the people just stopped coming.

Sites like this put me at a frustrative melting point. They never let you do what you want to do. There's always some field you've neglected to fill out. You think you've saved your shit and you really haven't. It doesn't look the way that you think it's gonna look.

I don't have high-speed internet, not at the moment. And I don't have a very good computer. I think my computer's 7 years old.

I work a lot, too. I don't have a lot of time to fiddle with my blog. That's why I dumped the myspace thing, that and the friggin' pedophiles. Jesus.

But I was told I need a blog of my own. So here we go again.

The main content of this blog will consist of my thoughts on white, capitalist patriarchy and living in it, and ideas for how to squash it. That's oversimplifying, yes. But it's the truth in a nutshell. Obviously I'd like my blog to be a place where radical feminist minded folks can comment and discuss.

So over the next few days be expecting to hear about the blog's creation, if you happen to have a blog I like to fill up with my long-winded commentary. Now, how in the name of holy fucking Jesus do I change the way this thing looks?

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