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Traffic & Such

My thanks to Biting Beaver. She puts up something good nearly everyday, and if you haven't yet you should go to her blog. She mentioned me today. Her blog and the others I've linked to are pretty much the reason I made THIS thing, along with others that I've still yet to link to (but will very soon!) Gah! It's awesome to see how many folks are doing this. Not just the blog thing. This radical, pro-woman thing.

I'm about to go and dig into Biting Beaver's latest post on "Nice" guys. Then I gotta go to bed, 'cause I'm a coach at Special Olympics in the morning.


spotted elephant said...

Isn't it great! Without the internet, I would feel so alone. Even knowing there are lots of feminists out there, how do you find the radical feminists? And to see that there's more and more of us, well it helps so much. :D

And I think it's wonderful that you're a coach at Special Olympics!

celticfire said...

Cool blog...found it from Nelson's :)