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Technical Difficulties

So last night I tried to get on here and add an entry, and the site told me again and again that I had to "enable cookies." Thing is, I "enabled the cookies" again and again to no avail. Finally, something fucked-up happened and my computer shut down- didn't RESTART, didn't shut down the INTERNET. The screen went blank and the computer shut down as if I had pushed the "off" button.

So I've hijacked my brother's computer for a minute. Which means I'm in the living room, and my mom keeps trying to talk to me and tell me junk, and my nephew and his girlfriend are behind me on the couch doing random teenager stuff.

This environment's not quite conducive to critical, bloggerly thinkin' by any stretch of the imagination. But at least I'm trying, and maybe I can get some links added or something.

Anyways. More later.

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